What is a Mooo Mat? April 07 2016, 0 Comments

cowhide cork turntable mat

A Mooo Mat is an innovative replacement for your turntable’s rubber or felt mat. It consists of a layer of hair on cowhide bonded to a layer of cork. Every turntable platter, even on a very expensive turntable, introduces vibrations just because it is spinning. By utilizing two different materials, the Mooo Mat does a better job of preventing that vibration from getting to the phono cartridge.

Will a Mooo Mat make my system sound better? – Yes! That is the whole point behind Mooo Mats. Enhanced imaging, more defined bass response and improved depth and clarity are the direct results of adding a Mooo Mat turntable mat to your system. You do not even have to take our word for it. Here is what Stereophile Magazine has said over the last two years:

"The music sounded great - clear, bold and beautiful." May 2014.

"It's a fun, attractive, great sounding tweak." May 2014

“An indispensable accessory” March 2016

What if I do not hear a difference? That's easy. Simply return it to us for a full refund.

Do Mooo Mats shed? All cowhides used are imported from Brazil where they use a superior tanning process, eliminating the possibility of shedding and producing no odor. Due to the cutting process it is possible to have some loose hairs upon opening a new Mooo Mat turntable mat, however we do our best to ensure this does not happen.

Does the hair cause static electricity? No. Mooo Mats cause no static electricity. Actually it is quite the opposite. Cowhides have natural anti-static properties that eliminate unwanted static on your vinyl. You will see a reduction, not an increase of static. Here is the experience of one of our dealers:

"Happy to report my customer Bill's static problem disappeared when he switched to the Mooo Mat plus he thought sound was even better - good news!" - Jay Kaufman, Audio Revelation, Carlsbad, CA

Isn’t $75 a lot for a turntable mat? A Mooo Mat will improve the sound of every record you own. We do not think you can find another way to invest only $75 and get better results. The guys at Zorin Turntables did a comparison of a Mooo Mat versus a $400 carbon fiber mat and found that the Mooo Mat sounded better. You can read the full report on our Review page.

Are all Mooo Mats different? Every Mooo Mat is unique – no two are identical. Just pick the one you like best and we will send you that exact one. If by some chance you do not like the cowhide look on your table but still want the sound improvement, just buy a solid black one. We promise not to tell.

Do Mooo Mats make good gifts? Assuming the audiophile in your life owns a turntable, a Mooo Mat makes a perfect gift. If he or she would prefer a different pattern we will be happy to exchange it.

Mooo Mats? Our name may be a little goofy and our spelling may be off. But we think it is ok to have a little fun while searching for better sound. Isn’t that what music is all about?