The Cure's Entreat Plus: Second Best Sounding Live Rock Recording of All Time? February 25 2016, 0 Comments

Rock concerts can be totally exhilarating musically but it is rare when the sound quality matches the performance. I think we can all say that there is no contest for the best ever. That obviously is Little Feat’s Waiting for Columbus. But this Cure album is my nominee for second best.

Performed in July 1989 at Wembley Stadium, it was for years only available on a promo disc or an import. But recently the great folks at Rhino Records have released it as a 12 track double lp (hence the title Entreat Plus) on 180 gram vinyl with the remix done by Robert Smith himself. 

It is a complete run through of the Cure’s best studio album – Disintegration. The sound quality and imaging are jaw dropping, especially for a live album. While the best known tracks are superb two lesser known songs actually steal the show. These are Closedown and The Same Deep Water as You.There is a sense of space and beauty that is lacking on most live albums.

Entreat Plus is available from our friends at Elusive Disc or hopefully at your local record shop. For the best sound experience, play it with a cowhide + cork turntable mat from MoooMats.