Do Mooo Mats Shed?
All cowhides used are imported from South America, who use a superior tanning process which eliminates the possibility of shedding and produces no odor.  Due to the cutting process it is possible to have some loose hairs upon opening a new MoooMat, however we do our best to ensure this does not occur.

Does the hair cause static electricity?
No, MoooMats cause no static electricity.  Actually, it is quite the opposite.  Cowhides have natural anti-static properties that eliminate unwanted static on your vinyl.  You will see a reduction, not an increase, of static.

Will VTA be affected?
While every turntable is different, we have found that no VTA adjustment is necessary on most turntables.  

How do Mooo Mat sound?
MoooMats are designed not only to look great but to sound great, too.  The coupling of the cowhide on cork provides significant improvements in sound quality.  While reducing vibration and eliminating static your records will sound warmer, richer and fuller.  Judge for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.  

Who should use a  Mooo Mat?
MoooMats are purchased equally by audiophiles looking to improve the sound of system and by the casual listener looking for a stylish accessory to spice up the look of their stereo system.  Over half of our customers are women.  Age and income are also not a factor.  This is truly a product for everyone.  

How do I clean my Mooo Mat?
Dust and debris is a fact of life, and constant battle, with all consumer electronic components and MoooMats are no exception.  Luckily you most likely already have the tools needed.  Using a record brush, like the Hunt Anti-Static Carbon Fiber brush, follow the flow of the hair and brush any dust away.  It’s as simple as that.  Do not vacuum your MoooMat.  Cows don’t like vacuum cleaners.


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